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  • Morris v. Ajmere, MD

    The plaintiff, age 50, had a PSA test result which was elevated to 7.0, but the defendant physician did not repeat the test or order a follow-up examination. Two years later, the plaintiff was diagnosed with a Gleason's 8 rated prostate tumor with a diminished life expectancy. Morris v. Ajmere, ... Read On

  • Estate of Barksdale v. Horowitz, DDS

    The plaintiff's mother filed a wrongful death case against a defendant oral surgeon for the loss of her twenty-year-old daughter who died from a cardio-respiratory arrest in the office after extraction of a wisdom tooth under anesthesia. The plaintiff's attorney Kurt Lloyd alleged that the oral s... Read On

  • Hicks v. Wonderlick D.D.S

    The Plaintiff, age 65 and retired, a previous minimum wage factory worker, underwent a tooth extraction in the defendant's office under a 10-minute general anesthetic during which she stopped breathing as a result of failure to properly monitor. Despite resuscitation in less than 2-minutes, the ... Read On

  • Eastwood v. American International Group

    The plaintiff a single, forty-year-old health care consultant was a backseat passenger in automobile involved in head-on collision.  She sustained a C-2 through C-4 neck fractures requiring a fusion and a mild closed head injury.  The plaintiff claimed that the head injury caused her to be unable... Read On

  • Stephens, et al. v. Land Truck, Inc.

    The Plaintiff who was a front seat passenger in a Ford Box Truck suffered serious hip fracture injury when his vehicle was rear-ended while stopped in a construction zone by the driver of a semi-tractor and attached trailer. Herbert, etc. v. Land Truck, Inc. Read On

  • Baries v. CNA Insurance Co.

    A family brought an underinsured motorist claim against CNA Insurance for the wrongful death of their fourteen-year-old daughter who had been a passenger in a one-auto crash. Their daughter was a freshman in high school without any income. The death occurred shortly after the Illinois General Ass... Read On

  • Hallsten v. City of Chicago, et. al.

    The plaintiff, a third year law student who was riding his bicycle to school, attempted to cross Dearborn Street from Delaware Street on the corner where the Park Newberry high rise building was being constructed. While stopped inside a construction sidewalk canopy within the Dearborn street cros... Read On

  • Hruby v. FCB, Ltd.

    The plaintiff, age 42, was working as a part-time secretary in a commercial office building when she existed the rear door to the office building, slipped and fell on concrete stoop and fractured her right heal. Plaintiff alleged that the stoop had an excessive slope in violation of building code... Read On

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