Trial Consulting

Focus Group Work

Kurt D. Lloyd is consulted to conduct focus group research in high value plaintiff's cases to learn potential juror beliefs and reactions to the plaintiff's conduct, defendant's liability facts and overall story framing and theming.  The focus groups are conducted under strict confidentiality.  In venues such as Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego, Mr. Lloyd has presented case specific fact patterns to focus groups which are comprised of people with profiles similar to prospective Chicago jurors.  The focus groups are run serially over 3 to 5 days, each time re-framing the order of facts, story sequence and themes to improve favorable juror responses  to the plaintiff's case.  Mr. Lloyd's focus group research results have successfully overcome many contributory negligence and causation defenses.          

Jury Selection

Kurt D. Lloyd is consulted to prepare for jury selection and the process of "juror deselection" in high value plaintiff's cases based on his knowledge and experience and his published book Jury Selection The jury selection process includes drafting voir dire questions designed to elicit a prospective juror's conscious or unconscious beliefs and attitudes toward the plaintiff and his case.  The subject matters of voir dire questions are drafted to discover juror attitudes toward safety, patient responsibility, standard of care, defendant conduct, causation, pain and suffering damages, and lawyers and lawsuits, all with a goal of removing biased jurors from the jury panel.  Mr. Lloyd often incorporates his focus group research in preparing for jury selection in order to identify and "deselect" unconsciously biased jurors.    


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