I wrote the first and only published book on jury selection containing all the Illinois law. I wrote this book because I believe that if the plaintiff’s trial lawyer selects the wrong jury, then his case will be lost before the evidence begins. My book arms the trial lawyer with the must know Illinois statutes, case law and procedure on jury selection, so that he can discover and “deselect” hidden, biased jurors.

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Mr. Lloyd lectures and teaches other attorneys about how to win their injury cases. He is a regularly invited key speaker at professional seminars on medical malpractice and other catastrophic injury subjects, including “jury deselection:” the law and voir dire techniques for jury selection, presenting winning expert opinion testimony, using medical literature, standards and guidelines in support of the plaintiff’s case, making winning opening statements and closing arguments and damages. Contact Mr. Lloyd today to speak at your next event and also obtain credits for continuing legal education.


Kurt D. Lloyd provides consulting services to other plaintiff’s attorneys to help win their cases. He is available for consulting on pretrial and trial of pending medical malpractice cases and other catastrophic injury cases, including focus group research, jury selection, expert witness testimony, and trial strategy and case framing for trial presentation to the jury. Mr. Lloyd’s has won medical malpractice trials at three times the average rate of other trial attorneys. If you have a major plaintiff’s case, you should make contact Kurt D. Lloyd today.


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Kurt D. Lloyd is a plaintiff's trial lawyer focused on medical malpractice and other catastrophic injury cases. He has won over $350 million for his injured clients and referring attorneys. See his case results. He is the founder of the Lloyd Law Group, Ltd, a plaintiff's personal injury and wrongful death law firm. For over 30 years, Mr. Lloyd has been a plaintiff's lawyer to whom referring attorneys turn in medical malpractice and other cases. On trial, Mr. Lloyd has won cases at three times the average win rate of other plaintiff's attorneys.

Author of Jury Selection

Kurt D. Lloyd on Jury Selection is the first and only book published on the subject for Illinois lawyers and covers the law and voir dire techniques for jury selection.

Blogger of "Juror DeSelection"

Mr. Lloyd regularly posts to his Blog Juror Deselection which focuses on the law and art of removing jurors who are biased against his client's case.

Accepts Cases from Referring and Partnering Attorneys

Mr. Lloyd accepts cases from referring and partnering attorneys and protects their attorneys' fees and reputation. Mr. Lloyd's case results show a proven track record for winning referred cases. Mr. Lloyd's case results also show that he often re-files dismissed medical malpractice cases on behalf of new referring attorneys and obtains major settlements or jury verdicts. Mr. Lloyd regularly finances $100,000 plus litigation case costs which other trial lawyers and referring attorneys cannot afford.

Selected Case Highlights

Mr. Lloyd has won $10 million plus record-setting jury verdicts and settlements and large numbers of $1 million, plus jury verdicts and settlements. Go to his Case Results, page for more Case Highlights.

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Kurt D. Lloyd posts on the law regarding jury selection and voir dire techniques.