Kurt D. Lloyd is often invited to speak to other lawyers about how to win their cases.

In medical malpractice seminars, Kurt is often the key speaker on the law, strategy and techniques for the plaintiff's case, including jury selection based on his research and newly published book Jury Selection.   

Mr. Lloyd's speaking subjects presented to professional organizations include:
  • Deselecting Jurors: the Art and Law of Jury Selection
  • Proving the Plaintiff's Medical Malpractice case
  • Presenting Effective Expert Witness Opinion Testimony
  • Using Standards, Guidelines and Medical Literature as the Basis for Expert Opinion
  • Overcoming the Defendant's Causation and Damages Defenses
  • Presenting the Plaintiff to the Jury--the Most Difficult Witness
  • Making the Opening Statement and Closing Argument
  • Moving in Limine to Exclude Damaging Evidence Against the Plaintiff
 See Videos of Kurt presenting video series of Expert Witness Testimony.


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